– Shree Cement Kota Cup – A High scoring (111/2 – 11) exciting match between RPC and Bangur Cement RPC BEATS BANGUR CEMENT BY HALF A GOAL

JaipurMAC_0806: On the third day of the Shree Cement Kota Cup Tournament (6 Goals) a breathtaking encounter was witnessed between Rajasthan Polo Club (RPC) and Bangur Cement teams at the Rajasthan Polo Club ground today. In a high scoring game, RPC won the match by just half a goal in the final score of 11 ½ – 11. Vishal Singh (+3 handicap) for RPC stood out with his spectacular performance scoring 6 goals (2 in the first chukker; 1 in the second chukker; 2 in the third chukker and 1 in the final chukker). Ashok Chandana (0 handicap) also gave a stellar performance scoring three goals (2 in first chukker and 1 in the final chukker). Fateh Singh (+1 handicap) scored one goal in the second chukker. RPC got an advantage of one and a half goal owning to less handicap players vis-à-vis the Bangur team.

For the Bangur Cement team Dhurvpal Godara (+5 handicap), as was expected, played superbly scoring a whopping 9 goals (1 in fisrt chukker; 5 in second chukker; 1 in third chukker and 2 in final chukker). The remaining two goals were scored by Bhanupratap Singh (-2 handicap – both in third chukker).

The Honorary Secretary of the Rajasthan Polo Club, Mr. Digvijay Singh informed that the tomorrow’s fixture for the Shree Cement Kota Cup (6 goal tournament) will be matches between Chaugan and Nahargarh teams at 3 pm at the Rajasthan Polo Club ground.